Your Self-Directed IRA Could be a Cash-Free Way to Invest in BSV’s Fund I

More and more individual investors are being attracted to the advantages of venture capital funds. Many of these investors are finding that a cash-free way to fund their venture capital investment is to transfer funds from their retirement accounts.

The benefits of investing in a venture capital fund using a self-directed IRA include:

Venture capital:

  • Offers the potential of superior returns
  • Can be less vulnerable to market fluctuations
  • Can be an effective way to diversify your portfolio

Using your SD-IRA to fund a venture capital investment:

  • Can provide tax benefits
  • Enables you to invest without affecting your cash liquidity
  • Venture capital and SD-IRAs are a natural match, as they both have a longer-term investment horizon

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Using a Self-Directed-IRA to Invest in a Venture Capital Fund


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