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The First Venture Capital Firm Fostering OU Innovation

We know that Oklahoma is ripe with new business innovations. This is where Boyd Street Ventures enters the game.

Oklahoma currently sits at number one in the country for entrepreneurship and is the best place to launch a new business, according to CNN Money and the Kauffman Foundation. We know this community is ripe with new business innovations.

This is where Boyd Street Ventures enters the game.

We connect alumni and supporters of the University of Oklahoma to high-growth investment opportunities. Our goal is for alumni to be a part of innovations coming out of the university.

If you’re reading this blog by now, you probably know who we are, but what exactly is our value to this community? Here at Boyd Street Ventures, we invest in the kind of innovation that not only has the potential to yield significant returns but to change the world.

Foundationally, we place Pre-seed, Angel, Seed and Series A investments in Oklahoma-associated technology and high-growth businesses. Investing in specific opportunities that are founder-led and Oklahoma-focused allows us to offer better returns in scalable markets that are often undervalued by investors.

We explore and foster early-stage opportunities by leveraging our investment expertise and local partnerships. This guides entrepreneurs to bring their concepts to market.

This unique integration also supports general OU fundraising campaigns. After our portfolios generate their returns, you can donate your profits to the university to further support OU’s growth.

“Boyd Street Ventures being a supplier of both capital and a nurturing environment for OU entrepreneurs could be a game-changer for our University,” Guy Patton, President and CEO of the University of Oklahoma Foundation, said.

The Boyd Street Ventures team works with numerous campus programs to develop strong community roots and create more opportunities within our ecosystem. This integration within the OU entrepreneurial community will help foster the untapped potential and ensure the greatest potential return.

“In addition to providing much needed early-stage financing for OU and Oklahoma startups, Boyd Street Ventures will help commercialize OU research while providing valuable experiential learning opportunities for our students, and strengthening OU’s role as an engine of innovation and economic growth for the state,” Dean Phelps, Dean of Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma, said.

We are proud to offer a unique engagement model for students and faculty at multiple stages, including internships, launch support, and pitch events. We aim to fund faculty and student experiences targeting at least 30 internships per year.

Faculty and students are given the resources to grow their aspirations with a team dedicated to helping them reach their goals.

“I launched my career aspirations towards startups and venture capital after having the opportunity to work on real-world early-stage business ideas while in school,” Chandler Doudican, Petroleum Engineering student class of 2021, said.

Our hope is to impact faculty and students’ future goals, especially during the prime of their educational careers. Ultimately, our university is filled with innovators creating new ideas every single day. Growing these ideas not only supports the university but yourself in the community looking to make a difference.

That’s our goal, and we want to help you reach yours every step of the way.

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