Moat Biotechnology

Life Sciences

Moat Biotechnology has created a novel second-generation single cycle-adenovirus vaccine platform technology (SC-AdVax) licensed from Mayo Clinic for the rapid development of nasal/oral vaccines for multiple infectious disease targets and cancer.

Why we invested:


Market Need

Moat Biotechnology is targeting the recognized need for an intranasal vaccine for COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases. By encountering respiratory viruses at the nasal passage, it will be possible to significantly reduce their ability to replicate systemically within the body, where more serious viral morbidities occur.


Superior Technology

Moat Biotechnology’s technology stops pathogens at the point of entry, a significant advancement over existing vaccine platforms including mRNA. The Company possesses a powerful patent portfolio to protect the SC-AdVax platform.


Founder & Team

CEO Scott Rollins, PhD and COO Russell Rother, PhD invented Soliris, which was eventually sold to Astra Zeneca for $38 billion. They co-founded Selexys, which was sold to Novartis for $665 million. They are currently CEO and COO, respectively, of Tetherex Pharmaceuticals, from which Moat Biotechnology was recently spun out as a separate company.

  • "We could not be more pleased to have Boyd Street Ventures as an investor. Their management team and Strategic Advisory Board can be a great source of insight, particularly in the areas of strategy and operations, and they are actively engaged in the honing for success."

  • "James has been extremely helpful in making important introductions for us. I appreciate the fact that he’s always asking me about our plans to grow even faster, and it seems that every time I talk to him he has another great idea for a potential new customer."

  • "BSV is not just a name on our company cap table. They are a valuable business partner as an investor offering strategic guidance and a strong network of industry connections, all of which contribute to our enhanced growth and success."

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