IV Ensure

Life Sciences

IV Ensure has developed a solution to the 50%+ hospital readmission rates resulting from non-adherence to home infusion treatment plans caused by the shortages of qualified case managers, nurses and funding for home visits.

Why we invested:


Market Need

Over 50% of hospital readmission rates are due to non-adherence to home infusion treatment plans.


Superior Technology

95% of all infusions outside hospital settings are done with non-electronic elastomeric ball infusions. IV Ensure has the only patented remote monitoring device designed for these systems.


Founder & Team

Founder/CEO Mitchell Berenson previously co-founded Community Infusion Systems in 2008. Debbie Meyer, a partner at embedded systems design and manufacturing company SoftwareCannery, developed the initial proof of concept for the IV Ensure device.

  • "We could not be more pleased to have Boyd Street Ventures as an investor. Their management team and Strategic Advisory Board can be a great source of insight, particularly in the areas of strategy and operations, and they are actively engaged in the honing for success."

  • "James has been extremely helpful in making important introductions for us. I appreciate the fact that he’s always asking me about our plans to grow even faster, and it seems that every time I talk to him he has another great idea for a potential new customer."

  • "BSV is not just a name on our company cap table. They are a valuable business partner as an investor offering strategic guidance and a strong network of industry connections, all of which contribute to our enhanced growth and success."

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