Exum Instruments

Life Sciences

Exum significantly shortens development and discovery to provide full characterization of solid materials in minutes, enabling materials scientists and engineers to spend less time acquiring data and more time learning from it.

Why we invested:


Market Need

The global material informatics market size is anticipated to escalate at a CAGR of 25% from 2021 to 2028 to approximately $500M annually.


Superior Technology

Exum’s first instrument, the Massbox™, is the first mobile, desktop-sized mass spectrometer that delivers lab-quality analysis to companies beyond traditional laboratories.


Founder & Team

Founder/CEO Jeff Williams has extensive experience working with a variety of analytical instrumentation technologies, including LA-ICP-MS, MC-ICP-MS, FT-ICR. COO/CDO Josh Ulla came to Exum from ESG Solutions, a world leader in passive microseismic monitoring.

  • "We could not be more pleased to have Boyd Street Ventures as an investor. Their management team and Strategic Advisory Board can be a great source of insight, particularly in the areas of strategy and operations, and they are actively engaged in the honing for success."

  • "James has been extremely helpful in making important introductions for us. I appreciate the fact that he’s always asking me about our plans to grow even faster, and it seems that every time I talk to him he has another great idea for a potential new customer."

  • "BSV is not just a name on our company cap table. They are a valuable business partner as an investor offering strategic guidance and a strong network of industry connections, all of which contribute to our enhanced growth and success."

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