Our Groundbreaking Strategy

We invest in innovative, early-stage, founder-led companies that tend to be ignored by the big East and West Coast venture capital firms. Virtually all of these companies have the potential to contribute to the economic growth of Oklahoma through job creation or affiliations with the University of Oklahoma ecosystem, its alumni and other Oklahomans.

We are committed not only to benefiting the state of Oklahoma, but to generating above-average returns for our investors. We do this by providing funding – and guidance – primarily to firms competing in sectors that are areas of research prowess for the University of Oklahoma: Life Sciences, Climate Tech, Energy Tech, FinTech, and Aerospace/Defense.

Our unique strategy is captured by our tagline:

Under the Radar. Above the Crowd.®️


We pursue above-average returns in three ways:


Competitive Pricing

Because our portfolio companies tend to escape the notice of larger VCs, their prices are unlikely to be over-bid and over-priced.



We and our Strategic Advisory Board provide strategic and operational guidance to help our portfolio companies avoid costly mistakes, get to market sooner, and scale faster.


BSV Venture Studio

Our BSV Venture Studio provides particularly intensive guidance to one-to-three portfolio companies annually.


Our Founders

Founder & General Partner James Spann (L) and Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor Jeff Moore (R) saw that promising startups from the University of Oklahoma and elsewhere in the state were failing to get to market for one primary reason: a lack of access to venture capital, most of which was located on the East and West Coasts. In 2016, they concluded that the only solution was to open a venture capital firm in OU’s home city of Norman. And in 2021, after five years of planning, they did precisely that.

The University of Oklahoma

BSV is proud and fortunate to enjoy a unique relationship with OU:

  • Our headquarters is located across Boyd Street from OU’s beautiful campus.
  • Our Founder James Spann is an OU alum and has been Vice Chairman of the Advisory Board for OU’s Stephenson School of Biomedical Engineering since 2015.
  • Our Co-Founder Jeff Moore has been Executive Director of OU’s Ronnie K. Irani Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth since 2010.
  • BSV frequently collaborates with OU’s institutions and schools.
  • Six deans and administrators at OU serve on BSV’s OU Advisory Board.
  • OU’s President’s Associates group and student members of Crimson Prairie Ventures often hold meetings at our headquarters.
  • BSV employs dozens of OU interns each year.

The Carnegie Classification has awarded the University of Oklahoma its highest rating for research activity.

LPs on investing in BSV funds:

  • "I was immediately impressed by James. He’s exceptionally smart, experienced and thoughtful; the world needs more guys like him. I really think the fund will go to the top, and its mission will create a lot of positive change in the process. It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever been involved with."

  • "From my first exposure to BSV, to becoming an investor, and now to reading updates on the progress of Fund I, I have been impressed with everything about this firm. The BSV team has done a fantastic job of selecting their portfolio companies, and the intellectual support they provide those companies is extremely important. Boyd Street Ventures is introducing the Oklahoma ecosystem to the world, and I am honored to support their efforts."

  • "We invested in Boyd Street Ventures because we are very impressed with James Spann and his management team. We also really like the mission of investing in innovative, high quality, Oklahoma-related portfolio companies."

  • "My involvement in BSV was, at first, a new way to diversify my financial portfolio and to do something totally different and out of my comfort zone. Now, I am also enjoying being a small part of helping young, gifted and bright entrepreneurs pursue their dreams and ideas."

  • "My investment experience with Boyd Street Venture has been very positive. As a seasoned investor in various markets over the past 40-plus years, I have developed great confidence in – and been very impressed with – the quality of BSV’s management team and its investment portfolio."

Question? Just schedule a call with the BSV team.